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High-performance aircraft

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High Performance Aircraft

We specialise in manufacturing high-performance, long-range automated aircraft suitable for surveying and mapping. Applications include agriculture, mining, infrastructure management, and many other industries.

High-performance automated aircraft


The Halo aircraft are suitable for a number of roles, and accept many different payloads. Standard optical wavelength cameras are a low-cost solution for infrastructure inspection, surveying and mapping, and rapid-response emergency imaging. Multi-spectral imaging provides invaluable information to farmers and agronomists on crop growth, moisture levels, and irrigation system leaks.

agriculture infrastructure applications

long-range, high-speed
and autonomous VTOL.

A highly capable aircraft, conveniently launched from any location. In the 2 kg (5 lb) weight-class, the Halo is unbeaten with 2.5 hour endurance and 150km range.

flight planning