Cropping: Growth, Health and Weed Monitoring

Crop growth and health can be monitored as frequently as desired throughout the growing season. The data can be used immediately, and stored for future analysis of long-term performance. The high resolution image data captured by UAVs also allows early identification of weeds. Regular health analysis and earlier identification of weeds can inform efficient fertiliser and pesticide application, lowering costs and improving soil health.

cropping applications

Pastures: Feed Tracking

By regularly estimating biomass in paddocks, our software can give recommendations on when to move your stock, so you can plan ahead, and not get caught out. Monitor the feed volume of each paddock to spot problems before it's too late!

biomass estimation

Grazing: Checking Infrastucture

Infrastructure checks by automated aerial inspection can save hours of work daily. Identifying problems with troughs, dams, fences, and checking surrounds for escaped stock using an automated aircraft leave you more time in the day for other work.

grazing applications

Pest Spotting

Securing crops and stock requires early identification of pigs, rabbits, foxes and other pests. Strategic dawn and dusk flights can identify possible risks. Flying regularly minimises the chances of significant damage occuring before you are made aware of the problem.