How does Halo work?

Halo has two flight modes: a hovering (rotational) flight mode, and a fixed-wing flight mode. It flies as a traditional aeroplane in fixed-wing mode, but its wings rotate approximately 90 degrees to enable the hovering flight mode. Take-off and landing can be performed vertically, like a helicopter or a multirotor. autonomously

What is the advantage of Halo’s rotational flight?

The efficiency of a rotor increases with the rotor-disc area (the area of the circle that the rotor sweeps). Therefore, by using the largest rotor possible, Halo achieves a dramatically more efficient hovering mode than alternative VTOL plane designs.

How far can I fly Halo?

As an aeroplane, Halo's range is up to 140 km. This is dependent on weather conditions and payload.


What is special about the Iridium Dynamics batteries?

Our range of batteries have been designed for the best energy density (highest energy to weight ratio), specifically for efficient fixed-wing aeroplanes. We use cells which have a very high energy density, but a lower power density than traditional UAV batteries. This means your fixed-wing UAV can fly for longer, or take a larger payload with the same endurance, provided it doesn't require high-power (high current) from the battery.
The batteries have also been designed to fit conveniently in fixed-wing UAV fuselages - they are long and narrow.
Finally, they feature all standard "smart battery" features.

In what way are they "smart"?

The batteries send operational data to the UAV's autopilot.
They monitor their own cell voltages, to ensure they are always balanced, and can warn a user if any of the cells are unhealthy. They can warn if the battery enters a state of over-current, over- or under-voltage, or over- or under-temperature. Additionally, the batteries can manage their storage states, and optionally discharge to a storage voltage after a preset period of time (e.g. after 48 hours of no use).

How can I interface the battery with my UAV?

Our batteries use high-performance high-reliability connectors, which are designed to be paired with a mating connector inside the fuselage. In the case that you do not want to install a battery-connector bulkhead in your UAV, we provide adapters to interface with common battery connectors including XT60, and break out the CAN interface.

How do I install a custom bulkhead?

Please contact us, and we will send you a datasheet with the mounting-hole requirements. We can assist with this process if necessary!


What happens if I "pre-order" parts?

The pre-order option is available for products which are in the final stages of development, or parts which are currently in production, for which we do not yet have stock.
If you pre-order a part, and there a delay of 14 or more days arises beyond the advertised estimated shipping date, you will eligible for a full refund on your order.

Can I demo a unit before purchase?

Flight demonstrations will shortly be available in certain parts of the world. Contact us to discuss options.

What’s included in the Service Agreement?

The service agreement includes a limited number of replacement parts for accidental damage, maintenance of parts when they reach maximum flight-hours, and access to the latest software updates.

How can I become a distributor?

Please contact us!