Our smart-batteries use best-in-industry lithium-ion cells, and a robust battery management system (BMS), providing a high-reliability dependable fixed-wing UAV battery. Aeroplanes require lower power than multirotors, so we use extremely high energy density cells optimised for endurance, rather than cells optimised for high power output.

The range includes batteries with just under 160 Wh capacity – the maximum allowable capacity for travel on airlines in carry-on luggage. Our Halo UAVs use the 150-6S model, a 151.2 watt-hour, 21.6 volt battery, to achieve a 2.5-hour flight-time.

The form-factor is ideal to fit in a slender fuselage. Your autopilot will know everything it needs to know about the batter, with data output including battery voltage, current draw, capacity remaining, temperature and health status. Safety features include over- and under-voltage protection, over-current (and short-circuit) protection, and over- and under-temperature protection. Charging is a breeze with the matching charger and built in cell-balancing, which ensure long life of the batteries.

Datalogging is compatible with PX4 and Ardupilot, with our upcoming modules. If you use other autopilots, contact us for the protocol specification.

SPECIFICATIONS 150-6S 150-3S 100-4S
Electrical Voltage (nom.) 21.6 V 10.8 V 14.4 V
Voltage (max.) 25.2 V 12.6 V 16.8 V
Capacity 7,000 mAh 14,000 mAh 7,000 mAh
Current (max.) 20 A 40 A 20 A
Energy capacity 151.2 Wh 100.8 Wh
Physical Weight (net) 635 g 445 g
Dimensions 216 x 56 x 40 mm 150 x 56
x 40 mm
Data Data bus CAN, 1 Mbps
Update rate 1-20 Hz (5 Hz default)
Voltage resolution 0.5 mV
Current resolution 1 mA
Temperature range -27 °C to +100 °C [-25 °F to +230 °F]
Temperature resolution 0.5 °C [1 °F]