Halo: A Revolution

Our high-performance aircraft outperform the competition in flight duration and range, yet offer an incredible hovering endurance, allowing previously impossible flight profile: fly for hours, including extended periods of hovering.

All the advantages of an aeroplane give long range in a lightweight and low-cost vehicle. Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability enables reliable automated operation with no pilot input. Our aircraft hovers extremely efficiently, allowing extended hovering endurance in applications which require mixed-mode flight.

How It Works

The large rotor disk-area is the real innovation behind the patent-pending Halo design. Hovering thrust efficiency increases with the area of the rotor generating the thrust. By using our high aspect ratio wings as a rotor, we hover with minimal power. And our small propellers still use minimal power in forward flight, truly providing the "best of both worlds". Take a look at the performance specifications - we're sure you'll be impressed.


Flight time 1.5 hours (hover) 2.5 hours (forward)
Weight (net) 2.0 kg
Wingspan 2.4 m
Length 1.8 m
Speed 30-50 knots
Range 160 km
Battery 11.1 V   10,200 mAh

Avionics & Payloads

With the latest camera payloads, communications hardware, and in-flight sensors, you're safe in the knowledge that the highest quality data will be captured day in, day out.

Standard optical wavelength cameras are a low-cost solution for infrastructure inspection, surveying and mapping, and rapid-response emergency imaging. Multi-spectral imaging provides invaluable information to farmers and agronomists on crop growth, moisture levels, and irrigation system leaks.

Autopilots & Software

Automation is the key to productivity. With the aircraft taking care of itself, all the data you require will be collected consistently. Fly the exact same flight path every day, and the smallest changes between flights are easy to detect.

With the latest easy-to-use software, you're in the drivers seat. Intuitively plan a new flight, or re-run a stored flight-path. No tinkering necessary, just click and fly.